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Are you tired of the same old pop-ups and CTAs that seem to have no effect on your website's visitors? Look no further than FacePop, the customizable video widget that can take your customer interaction and engagement to the next level.

FacePop's AI assistant helps you craft compelling messages that are tailored to your audience. The widget features multiple call-to-action (CTA) modes, seamless funneling, and an integrated input field that makes email collection a breeze. And that's just the beginning!

A Customizable Experience with FacePop

From the moment you create an account, you'll see the level of customization that FacePop provides. The homepage features an overview of the widget, along with links to pricing, reviews, login, and signup pages.

FacePop Homepage

Once you're logged in, you will be greeted with a welcome page on the dashboard that allows you to upload a video and edit the title and description of your widget.

FacePop Dashboard Welcome Page

But the customization options don't stop there – the "FacePop Manager" page allows you to create, edit, and delete multiple widgets, while the CTA builder page helps you create personalized and optimized CTAs.

FacePop Manager, Edit, Create and Delete FacePop Widgets Page

FacePop CTA Builder Page

In addition to the basic CTA modes, you can add funneling CTA modes, conversion CTA modes, and other CTA modes easily.

Funneling CTA Mode

Conversion CTA Mode

Tailor your CTA buttons' settings to create a custom look and feel.

CTA Button Settings

Extensive Customization and Targeting Options

FacePop offers a wide range of customization options so that you can create a widget that seamlessly fits your website's look and feel. From the "Look and Feel" page, you can adjust player position, shadow settings, vertical and horizontal margin, toggle width, height, radius, show/hide play icon, show/hide close icon, player width and height, radius, seeker height, and controls size, as well as choose from a variety of minimize icon choices.

FacePop Look and Feel Settings Page

You can change the colors of all FacePop elements with the FacePop Color Studio page.

FacePop Color Studio Settings Page

And the FacePop Font Studio page allows you to choose from over 200 fonts and adjust font sizes for all text elements.

FacePop Font Studio Settings Page

You can even set behavior settings to adjust the widget's functionality, set whether the widget is muted or not and the player's position.

FacePop Behavior Settings Page

With user targeting based on specific criteria, you can create a fully customized and personalized experience for each of your website visitors.

Integration, Analytics, and Reporting

FacePop can be integrated with various tools and shared beyond the website via links or QR codes. The CNAME feature allows you to personalize the widget's URL and webhooks allow you to trigger custom actions.

FacePop Get Link Settings Page

FacePop Webhook Settings Page

With the provided SDK and API, you can even further customize the widget to suit your unique needs.

The shared workspace feature allows for team collaboration and comprehensive performance reports for data-driven decision-making.

FacePop Reports Page

Engage and Convert Your Visitors with FacePop

The AI-driven content writer tool generates compelling messages, while the various CTA modes allow for optimized lead generation and conversion. The video widget also includes an integrated calendar booking feature, which makes scheduling as simple as clicking a button.

FacePop CTA Calendar Booking Settings

Furthermore, the integrated email collection feature allows for seamless email list building and targeted email marketing.

FacePop CTA Email Collector Settings

Not to mention that the video widget seamlessly funnels visitors to the appropriate stage of the customer journey for an uninterrupted and optimized experience.

Leverage FacePop's Power Today

In conclusion, FacePop's customizable video widget that leverages the power of AI is an excellent tool to increase customer engagement and lead generation. Don't settle for mediocre website interactions – with FacePop, you can convert visitors into leads and drive sales like never before.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for FacePop today and take advantage of its endless customization options, targeting ability, and analytics capabilities.

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