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What's included?

facepop feature Customization

Unleash your creativity with FacePop's extensive customization options, offering the freedom to customize the look and feel of your widget.

facepop feature User targeting

Tailor your FacePop interactions to specific user segments based on criteria such as country, scroll depths, time on page etc.

facepop feature AI assistant

Elevate your content with AI, an automated assistance in crafting compelling and engaging messaging for your FacePop.

facepop feature Behavior settings

Fine-tune the behavior of your FacePop with settings like starting the player muted, looping videos, and positioning the player.

facepop feature Workspace collaboration

Share a workspace with team members and enhance productivity in creating engaging customer experiences.

facepop feature Performance reports

Gain valuable insights into your FacePop's performance with comprehensive reports, empowering data-driven decisions.

facepop feature 20+ integrations

Enhance effectiveness with integrations to tools like newsletters, Notion, Google Docs, and calendars within FacePop.

facepop feature Link sharing

Expand your reach beyond your website by effortlessly sharing the FacePop widget through links, making it ideal for email and other platforms.

facepop feature QR code

Effortlessly share your FacePop by generating a unique QR code, providing a convenient way to access your interactive experience.

facepop feature Webhooks

Take control of your widget's functionality by utilizing webhooks, enabling you to trigger custom actions based on specific events.

facepop feature CNAME

Enhance your online presence with FacePop's CNAME feature, enabling you to personalize the domain of your FacePop links.

facepop feature SDK & API

Adapt the widget to suit your unique requirements and unlock limitless possibilities by leveraging FacePop's SDK and API.

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It was a love at first sight since I saw it working in a major worpress community, I find it amazing as well as their ever present support. Thank you for this wonderful lifetime offer! bowing.. 🎩

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I recently used FacePop to add a video to a client's website in literally 10 minutes. It was incredibly easy to set up. The customization options made it super easy to make the video pop-up look like it was supposed to be on the page. Also linking the pop-up to the site was a piece of cake!

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Thanks FACEPOP team – we appreciate your dedication! We also really like how easy and intuitive this software is to use (you will too), and we are very encouraged by how it is helping us communicate and engage CTA differently.

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I was able to quickly set it up on my sites and the final results are very very good. I also reported a few ideas to Fatos and he was super fast to integrate them and come back to me, which means he cares about the product and the feedback.

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Absolutly the best costumer service I have experienced! And also LOVE FacePop. So many posibilitys. Would totaly recommend!

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My experience has been very positive so far. I am using it now for nearly two months and I already noticed a significant increase in my website's engagement rate since I started using their tool!

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We have been testing this for a while now and people are drawn to it. The interface is great to work with. Makes a lot of sense after a few minutes. Keeping the tools together in a single interface is a bonus for me as I am bouncing around tools and interfaces all day!

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Simpel and effective I bought it and ran through all options. Looks great. Nice UI. Price is a bargain. My advise. Buy.!

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I was intrigued when I noticed FacePop because I hadn't used anything like this before. It was easy to set up and I'm getting great feedback from customers. That's all I need to say that this is one offer you shouldn't miss!

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I was already a long time looking for a solid alternative and finally came across FacePop. Bought it and I'm. very happy with my purchase.! t works flawlessly and the UI is great, the popup looks modern and slick, an awesome Gem!

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This product is easy to implement and provides huge benefits. Take a look at their FacePop demo and imagine what it can do for your website as well as your clients' sites. The potential for more money-making potential is endless!

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This is a product that just works. Many websites need that personal touch and this is definitely the software to make that happen. I highly suggest checking out the demo on their website and just think of the possibilities for your website and for client sites!

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FacePop is easy and effective, also the support team gave me a custom code so that my FacePop would appear only in the pc version when the user scrolled 80%, THANK YOU FACEPOP!

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Don't miss this deal. FacePop is a great product with the best support team. Fatos is a nice person behind this product, he responds to support requests very quickly, also he is ready to help you with any issues, even if it's on your website.

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After testing FacePop for hours and showing the idea to several clients, I can only say that it is one of the best investments I have made.