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In today's digital age, online interactions are essential for success in most industries. Whether your business is in e-commerce or hospitality, engaging and converting potential customers online is crucial. That's where FacePop comes in – a customizable video widget that can take your customer interaction and engagement to the next level.

A Look at FacePop's Features

FacePop offers an array of features to help you optimize your customer interaction and conversion. The call-to-action (CTA) modes on FacePop are customizable and tailor-made to boost your engagement. Furthermore, the widget seamlessly funnels customers through the conversion process without interruptions, leading them to an integrated input field for easy email collection.

One of the standout features of FacePop is its integrated calendar booking functionality. Customers can book an appointment with you directly through the widget – eliminating the need for additional scheduling apps. Additionally, FacePop offers ample customization options and user targeting based on specific criteria.

But what really sets FacePop apart from other video widgets is its AI assistant, designed to help you craft compelling messages to your customers. With behavior settings that allow full control of the widget's functionality, along with a shared workspace for team collaboration and performance reports, FacePop gives you all the tools for data-driven decision-making.

A Closer Look at FacePop's Features

Let's dive deeper into some of the key features of FacePop with a look at its user-friendly interface.

Uploading Videos and Managing Your Widgets

When you first login to FacePop, you are greeted with a dashboard welcome page (6.png) that gives you an overview of your account. Here, you can upload your videos and manage your widgets. You can edit title and description of widgets on the upload video page (7.png).

The manager page (8.png) is where you can nimbly move around your widgets – create, edit or delete them as you need, with just a few clicks.

Call-to-Action Builder

One of the unique features of FacePop is its range of customizable call-to-action (CTA) modes. You can add different types of CTAs for optimized engagement and conversion.

The add funneling CTA mode button (10.png) connects one of your FacePop widgets to another, allowing the customer's journey to seamlessly continue through the sales funnel. The button-redirect to URL on the click calls for redirection to a specific webpage. And the button to open the URL inside the widget as an iframe helps the visitor stay glued within the widget, leading to higher engagement.

The add conversion CTA mode button (11.png) features a functional calendar booking button. Customers can book appointments with you directly through the widget – eliminating the need to navigate to another scheduling app. Plus, there is a button to collect email addresses (11.png), adding visitors to your email list with ease. The text input field is versatile and customizable, allowing data capture and easy connections with other buttons (11.png).

Finally, the add code run CTA mode (12.png) button allows the employment of custom code that the user wants to run inside the widget.

Look and Feel Settings

The "look and feel settings" page (21.png) is where you can set the precise position of the widget on your page, control the shadow details, margins, width, height, radio, and icon choices. The web player's width, height, radius, seeker height, and control size can also be controlled, and the minimize icon can be toggled on and off.

Color and Font Studio Settings

The color and font studio settings page (22.png) is a game-changer. You can control the colors of all FacePop elements with color input fields and get color suggestions. With over 200 fonts to choose from, the font can easily be changed with customizable sizes for all text elements.

Behavior Settings

The behavior settings page (24.png) allows default muting or unmuting of your widget and centers the video player or toggles its position.

Custom Code

The custom code Page (25.png) allows for the insertion of unique CSS and JS codes to run inside FacePop.

Other Settings

Here, you can toggle the inclusion of FacePop branding, build reports and analytics, set the FacePop zIndex, and add a FacePop ID.

Get Link Settings

The "Get Link Settings" page (27.png) offers a convenient way to share your FacePop video link beyond your website. In addition, users can customize the domain of FacePop links with the CNAME feature. After adding the CNAME record (28.png), which indicates the specific record that the custom domain will use, users can insert the custom domain. An error message will appear if the custom domain does not have a CNAME record pointing to (30.png). You are then greeted with the success message (31.png) once the custom domain is activated, and now share links using that domain.

QR Code Settings

Users can opt to get a FacePop QR code (32.png) to enable the loading of their widget without embedding it.

Instant Embed Settings

Users can easily embed FacePop on their website right away with two conveniently placed buttons for connecting the site to FacePop and add embed condition (33.png). The dropdown menu shows all the embedding options, including showing in- some pages or directories or via regex. Users can also set up conditions like scroll depth, time on the page, and device or country.

Webhook Settings

Users can create custom webhooks (45.png) for events like watching FacePop, finishing watching FacePop, visitor conversion, or email collection. Then, they can view all the current active webhooks with webhook logs (46.png).

FacePop: An Overview of Benefits

The benefits one can get using FacePop are many, including:


Online interactions have never been more critical than they are in this day and age, and FacePop is an elite tool for optimizing those interactions. With its many customizable features, user-friendly interface, and data-driven decision-making reports, FacePop can take your online presence to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Sign up at Facepop today and supercharge your online interactions.

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