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Technology has brought about tremendous changes in the way businesses operate. One such way is by enhancing customer interaction and engagement through customizable video widgets. FacePop is one such tool that allows businesses to create tailored call-to-action videos that engage customers and optimize conversions. In this blog post, we will explore the various features of FacePop, including its CNAME feature, and how it can help businesses enhance customer engagement and personalization.

The power of FacePop

FacePop is a video widget that offers a host of features to businesses to enhance customer engagement. The tool allows businesses to create tailor-made call-to-action videos that best suit their customer’s needs, preferences, and demographics. This means that businesses can easily create personalized videos for different target audiences and use them to convey their message in a more engaging and interactive way.

Tailored call-to-action modes

FacePop comes with various call-to-action modes that businesses can use to optimize engagement and conversion. For instance, businesses can use the funneling mode, which creates an uninterrupted customer journey through the facepop widget. In this mode, businesses can direct customers from one facepop video to another facepop video, or even redirect them to a URL on click. Additionally, businesses can use the conversion mode to collect emails or book calendar schedules with a single click. FacePop allows businesses to do this seamlessly, ensuring optimal customer engagement, and boosting conversions.

Customization options

Moreover, FacePop provides businesses with extensive customization options. The tool offers a look and feel settings page, a color studio page, and a font studio page. These pages enable businesses to change various elements of their videos, such as colors, shadows, fonts, sizes and display options. This means that businesses can create call-to-action videos that match their brand, style, and overall aesthetic. Furthermore, FacePop enables businesses to tailor their videos to specific criteria such as location, device, country, and page or website.

AI assistant

As an advanced tool, FacePop comes with an AI assistant feature that helps businesses generate compelling and creative messaging. The AI assistant employs machine learning algorithms to understand a business’s objective and automatically create text that resonates with a target audience. This feature saves businesses time and resources in crafting call-to-actions and messaging that drives engagement and conversion.

Comprehensive performance reports

FacePop generates comprehensive reports that help businesses analyze and make data-driven decisions. The reports provide businesses with total views, watch time, and insights into how their viewers engaged with their videos. Businesses can also use the reports to determine the number of people who clicked on the call-to-action button, watched the video without clicking on the button, or ignored the widget. These insights allow businesses to tweak and tailor their widgets to optimize engagement and conversions further.

Integration and sharing options

FacePop can easily integrate with various tools such as mailchimp, google sheets, Notion, Mailjet, Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, and GetResponse. Additionally, FacePop has a shared workspace feature that enables teams to collaborate on the creation and editing of videos. The tool supports webhooks, SDK, and API, making it easy to customize to meet unique business needs. Furthermore, FacePop allows businesses to share their videos through links or QR codes, ensuring that the videos are accessible beyond their website.

The CNAME feature

One of the unique features of FacePop is its CNAME feature. The CNAME feature allows businesses to personalize FacePop links with their domain name. This means that businesses can create custom links that match their brand and use them for sharing FacePop videos. For instance, if a business has a domain name of www.mybusiness.com, they can create FacePop links such as facepop.mybusiness.com, making it easy for customers to identify the videos with the business brand.

Moreover, the CNAME feature ensures consistency across all marketing channels. All links that customers click will appear with the business's domain name, creating trust and familiarity with the customers. Additionally, businesses can use the CNAME feature to track their video's analytic data without having to rely on FacePop's data.


Overall, FacePop is an excellent marketing tool for businesses looking to enhance interaction and engagement with their customers. The tool offers businesses a range of tailored call-to-action modes, seamless funneling, and sophisticated video customization options. Additionally, businesses can use FacePop AI assistant to generate compelling messaging and performance reports to make data-driven decisions. With the CNAME feature, businesses can personalize FacePop links and ensure they match their brand. This offers businesses an excellent opportunity to enhance personalization and consistency across all marketing channels. So, go ahead, unleash the power of personalization and give your customers an engaging and immersive experience with FacePop!

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