The Power of Personalization: Using the CNAME Feature for Branding

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Are you tired of painfully mundane web page interactions that don't engage customers? Look no further than FacePop, the customizable video widget that boosts customer interaction and engagement. Its vast array of features, coupled with ease of customization, makes it a go-to solution for elevating customer journeys.

With FacePop, your customer interactions will never be the same. From its tailored call-to-action (CTA) modes, seamless funneling, and integrated input field to its AI assistant and comprehensive performance reports, this video widget has it all. And with its integration across a variety of platforms, sharing it with your customers has never been easier.

Let's dive deep into the capabilities of FacePop and take a look at how the CNAME feature can personalize your customers' experience like never before.

Customized Call-to-Action Modes

The call-to-action (CTA) is a vital element when it comes to customer engagement. FacePop takes this to the next level by offering a range of CTA modes that provide optimized engagement and conversion for your customers.

With the Button Connect to Another FacePop option, you can connect multiple FacePops and create a user pathway that best suits your customers' needs. By clicking on the designated button, customers can hop from one FacePop to another without interrupting their journey.

The Button Redirect to URL on Click option allows customers to be redirected to any URL you specify by clicking on a designated button. You could use this to redirect them to a landing page for more information or to your e-commerce store for purchases.

The Button to Open URL in Full Screen Inside the Widget as iFrame option positions the URL within the FacePop widget, providing seamless integration and an uninterrupted customer journey.

You can also add e-mail collection and a calendar booking option to your CTAs. These CTA modes allow you to collect crucial data from customers and schedule appointments using an integrated calendar service.

Customizable Design Features

FacePop takes customization to the next level with a vast array of design features to choose from. The Look and Feel Settings Page is a great example of this. It allows you to customize the position, size, and style of the FacePop widget, with options to add shadows, adjust margins, and toggle show/hide settings for play and close icons.

The Color Studio and Font Studio Settings Pages give you the freedom to choose colors from a wide range of palettes and fonts from over 200 options. You can also tailor face diameter, player width, and height, among other design elements, to your particular brand needs.

CNAME Feature for Personalized Branding

But what if you want more? What if you want to personalize the domain name of your FacePop links? This is where the CNAME Feature comes in.

The CNAME record enables branding by allowing you to customize the domain of your FacePop widget links. For example, you can replace with This way, your customers will stay within your domain while using your FacePop widget, creating an unparalleled level of cohesion and personalization.

With a customized domain, your customers will see a FacePop widget that appears to be fully integrated into your website, boosting brand recognition and elevating your customer's experience. You can use the Get Link Settings Page to manage your links and create custom domains for easy sharing.

Comprehensive Performance Reports

And if all of that was not enough, then the comprehensive performance reports will knock your socks off. With metrics to track total views and watch time, you can identify the most engaging FacePop videos and tailor content to your customer's needs.

You can also track customer interactions with your CTA options, such as button clicks, e-mail captures, calendar bookings, and more. These reports can help you make data-driven decisions and drive conversions and engagement to new heights.


FacePop is a game-changer for customer engagement, providing seamless video widget integration with an array of powerful features that can elevate and differentiate your brand. It's easy to use, highly customizable, and supports a range of integrations across platforms.

But amongst all this, it's the CNAME feature that truly sets FacePop apart. With its personalized branding and custom domain names, FacePop takes personalization to a whole new level. Your customers will have an unparalleled experience that truly connects them with your brand, creating unprecedented levels of loyalty and engagement.

So why wait? Get started with FacePop today and start creating the ultimate personalized customer experience.

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