The Power of Custom Video Widgets in Engaging Customers

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As businesses strive to stand out in the competitive digital space, customer engagement has become a top priority. With the average person exposed to thousands of marketing messages per day, capturing and retaining their attention has become a challenge. That's where FacePop comes in - a customizable video widget designed to enhance customer interaction and engagement.

Introducing FacePop

FacePop is a powerful tool that allows businesses to create custom video widgets optimized for engagement and conversion. From tailored call-to-action modes to seamless funneling, it provides an uninterrupted customer journey that maximizes retention and encourages action.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, with an integrated input field for easy email collection and an integrated calendar booking feature. FacePop also offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to create a video widget that truly represents their brand.

Features of FacePop

Customizable Call-to-Action Modes

One of the key features of FacePop is its customizable call-to-action modes. These modes optimize customer engagement and conversion depending on the business's goals. The call-to-action modes include:

Configuring the call-to-action modes is a breeze, with easy-to-use settings pages. And with the AI assistant for crafting compelling messages, businesses can be confident that their messages are aligned with their goals.

FacePop - Call to Action Modes

Integrated Booking Calendar

With FacePop, businesses can easily integrate their booking calendars into their custom video widget. This integration streamlines the scheduling process and ensures that customers have a seamless experience. FacePop supports multiple booking calendar integrations, including Calendly, third-party calendars with a URL, and custom URL integrations.

FacePop - Booking Calendar Integration

Comprehensive Customization Options

With FacePop's advanced customization options, businesses can create a video widget that is uniquely tailored to their brand. FacePop offers custom color schemes, fonts, look and feel settings, and behavior settings. They can even add custom CSS and JS directly into the widget.

FacePop - Customization Options

Integrated AI Content Writer

Crafting compelling messages can be a challenge even for experienced marketers. That's why FacePop includes an integrated AI assistant that helps businesses craft messages that are aligned with their goals. The AI content writer analyzes the business's goals and creates messages that are most likely to engage the customer.

FacePop - AI Content Writer

Extensive Reporting and Analytics

FacePop provides comprehensive reports and analytics that help businesses make data-driven decisions. These reports include total views, total watch time, and engagement metrics like click-through rates and conversion rates. This data is invaluable for understanding and optimizing customer interaction.

FacePop - Widget Reports

Integration and Sharing

FacePop is built with integration and sharing in mind. Businesses can easily integrate FacePop with various tools and share it beyond their website through links or QR codes. The CNAME feature also allows businesses to personalize their custom video widget with their own domain name.

Additionally, FacePop provides a webhook feature that triggers custom actions, as well as an SDK and API for further customization to suit unique needs.


FacePop offers a variety of pricing tiers to fit different business needs. The pricing page provides a clear overview of the features and benefits of each tier, making it easy for businesses to choose the one that's right for them.

FacePop - Pricing Page


FacePop is trusted by businesses of all sizes and industries. The reviews page is filled with positive feedback from satisfied customers who have used FacePop to enhance their customer engagement and drive conversions.

FacePop - Reviews Page

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, FacePop is a powerful tool for any business looking to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions. With its customizable call-to-action modes, integrated booking calendar, extensive customization options, and AI content writer, FacePop provides an unmatched level of flexibility and versatility.

Moreover, FacePop's extensive sharing and integration capabilities make it easy for businesses to incorporate it into their existing workflow and maximize their results. So, what are you waiting for? Give FacePop a try and see how it can transform your customer engagement and drive success!

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