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In today’s digital world, engaging with customers and converting leads requires creativity and innovation. Companies around the globe are utilizing advanced technologies to interact with their audiences more intrinsically. Video marketing is one such breakthrough technology that has proven to be extremely effective in grabbing customer attention. However, not all businesses are leveraging the full potential of video marketing. Enter FacePop, a customizable video widget designed to revolutionize campaigns and enhance customer engagement.

What is FacePop?

FacePop is a video widget designed to enhance customer interaction and engagement. It features tailored call-to-action modes for optimized engagement and conversion, seamless funneling for creating an uninterrupted customer journey, and an integrated input field for easy email collection. With the option to integrate with various tools, FacePop can be shared beyond the website through links or QR codes, and personalized using the CNAME feature. Additionally, FacePop supports webhooks for triggering custom actions, and provides an SDK and API for further customization to suit unique needs.

Tailored Call-to-Action Modes for Optimized Engagement

One of the most powerful features of FacePop is its customizable call-to-action (CTA) modes, designed to engage viewers and guide them to a desired outcome. FacePop offers several CTA modes, each designed to address a specific engagement challenge, including:

Funneling Call-to-Action Mode

The Funneling CTA mode is designed to create an uninterrupted customer journey. This mode offers buttons that connect to another FacePop, or redirect to a URL on click. Additionally, it offers a button to open a URL in full-screen mode inside the widget as an iframe, keeping the customer engaged and on the same page.

FacePop Add Funneling Call-to-Action Mode

Conversion Call-to-Action Mode

The Conversion CTA mode is designed to convert leads into paying customers. This mode offers buttons that open a calendar for booking, or collect email addresses. It also includes an integrated input field for capturing data and connecting it with the buttons.

FacePop Add Conversion Call-to-Action Mode

Other Call-to-Action Modes

FacePop offers additional call-to-action modes that include buttons to run code on-click, or close the FacePop widget on-click.

FacePop Add Other Call-to-Action Modes

Comprehensive Customization Options

FacePop offers extensive customization options to help businesses design their widgets to match their branding guidelines. Users can tailor their FacePop widgets using several customization pages, including:

Look and Feel Settings Page

This page allows users to customize the appearance of their FacePop widget by adjusting its position on the page, shadow settings, vertical and horizontal margins, and more. It offers options to toggle the player's width and height, radius, and show/hide play and close icons. Users can also customize the player's width, height, radius, seeker height, control size, and minimize icon choices.

FacePop Look and Feel Settings Page

Font Studio Settings Page

This customization page allows users to change the font for their FacePop widget from over 200 available fonts. Users can also modify the font size for all text elements.

FacePop Font Studio Settings Page

Color Studio Settings Page

This customization page provides a range of color options to customize the FacePop widget's elements with color input fields and suggestions. Users can change the color of the widget's buttons, text, and background.

FacePop Color Studio Settings Page

Behavior Settings Page

This page helps users adjust the functionality of their FacePop widgets by allowing them to select the default widget as muted or unmuted. It also enables them to position the player at the center or toggle.

FacePop Behavior Settings Page

Custom Code Page

This page allows users to insert custom CSS and JavaScript to run inside their FacePop widget.

FacePop Custom Code Page

AI Assistant for Crafting Compelling Messages

FacePop comes with an AI assistant to help businesses craft compelling messages. Companies can describe their goal in a simple text area, and the AI assistant will fill the FacePop widget with appropriate content.

AI Content Writer Page

Performance Reports for Data-Driven Decision Making

FacePop provides users with comprehensive performance reports regarding their widget's usage. It shows total views, total watch time, and the number of people who clicked the CTA button, watched but didn't click the button, and ignored the FacePop.

FacePop Widget Reports Page


The video marketing revolution is happening now, and FacePop is leading the charge. With its comprehensive customization options, tailored call-to-action modes, and AI assistant, FacePop is a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance customer interaction, improve engagement, and convert leads to customers. Try FacePop today and take your campaigns to the next level.

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