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As an online business owner, you understand the importance of engaging your customers and driving conversions. With so much competition in the market, it’s essential to make your website stand out and provide an exceptional user experience. This is where FacePop comes in.

FacePop is a customizable video widget that can help you enhance customer interaction and increase engagement. It provides an array of features, from tailored call-to-action modes to seamless funneling, that help create an uninterrupted customer journey. Moreover, it aids in email collection, offers an integrated calendar booking feature, and much more. Let's dive deeper into the world of FacePop and see how it could help improve your website's conversion rates.

Customizable Call-to-Action Modes:

FacePop features various call-to-action modes that can assist you in increasing conversion rates. With these call-to-action modes, you can tailor FacePop widgets according to your website's unique needs and customize them to fit your branding.

Let's start by exploring the Funneling call-to-action mode, which enables creating an uninterrupted customer journey. This widget allows you to connect your visitors with another FacePop widget that could complement the topic they're currently viewing. This ingenious idea provides an effortless transition which will enable your customers to stay on your site longer, increasing opportunities for conversion.

Alternatively, FacePop offers a Redirect CTA mode that directs your website visitors to a different URL for a specific purpose. It comes with a powerful button for maximum impact - clickable and available on most pages on your website. Plus, you can have the URL open in a new window or the same window. You can use this feature for various purposes, such as promoting a new service or product launch or taking your visitors to a specific landing page.

One of the most exciting features of FacePop may be the fullscreen CTA mode. It allows your website visitors to stay on your site without being redirected, and it provides an engaging fullscreen experience within an iframe. This mode could potentially reduce bounce rates and increase user engagement, as your visitors can easily return to their current activity or page when completed.

Of course, we can't forget about Conversion CTA mode, geared towards those who want more email subscribers, bookings, or anything else that can contribute to the conversion rate on their page. Thus, FacePop offers a Calendar Booking feature to manage your online bookings professionally. Further, it provides email collection integration with various email platforms. Generate more leads by offering email optins in your FacePop widget for sharing new collateral with your customers.

AI With Compelling Messages:

Writing engaging content for your FacePop widget can be challenging, especially when you don't know what topic or message will resonate with your customers. This is why FacePop offers an AI assistant that can help you write messages that are likely to engage your website visitors and promote a desired action. Plus, by using machine learning, the AI can improve over time to deliver even better results for your customer engagement.

Moreover, FacePop provides you with behavior settings to adjust your widget's functionality to fit your website's needs. Some of the features included are player position control, muted or unmuted audio, and color options. These features will help you deliver an impeccable customer experience while minimizing bounce rates and keeping users on your page for more extended periods.

Comprehensive Reports for Data-Driven Decision-Making:

FacePop takes the guesswork out of optimizing your website by providing data-driven performance reports and analytics. With this information, you can better understand how your FacePop video widgets are performing and make changes accordingly. You'll have access to reports on total views, total watch time, the amount of people who clicked the CTA button, watched the video but didn't click, ignored the video, and much more.

Extensive Customization and Integration:

FacePop offers extensive customization to fit your website and branding. You can easily change the look, color, and feel of your widget. Additionally, FacePop supports webhooks for triggering custom actions and provides an SDK and API for further customization so that you can tailor FacePop widgets to your exact needs and requirements.

Lastly, FacePop can be integrated with different tools. It supports webhooks for triggering custom actions, shared beyond the website through links or qr codes, and personalized using the CNAME feature. This means that you can utilize FacePop to fit your website's needs regardless of its complexity.


In conclusion, FacePop is an innovative and powerful tool that can help you improve your website's conversion rates. It has a wide range of features, including customizable call-to-action modes, an AI assistant for writing compelling messages, behavior settings, and data-driven reports for making informed decisions. It's a customizable and versatile tool that can win the heart of any website owner looking to bring a new level of engagement and drive conversions. Upgrade your website's performance today by giving FacePop a chance and see the results for yourself.

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