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Are you tired of traditional marketing tactics that fall short when it comes to engaging and converting customers? Look no further than FacePop, the customizable video widget that's revolutionizing the game.

With FacePop, you can create tailored call-to-action modes that optimize engagement and conversion. Plus, its seamless funneling feature creates an uninterrupted customer journey. And if that's not enough, FacePop also offers an integrated input field for collecting email addresses and an AI assistant for crafting compelling messages.

But that's not all. FacePop also boasts an integrated calendar booking feature, extensive customization options, and user targeting based on specific criteria. And the best part? It provides comprehensive performance reports for data-driven decision making.

So let's dive into the specifics and see what FacePop has to offer.

Customizable Call-to-Action Modes

When it comes to engaging customers, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work. That's where FacePop's customizable call-to-action modes shine.

On the "Call-to-Action Builder" page, you can choose from two different modes - "Funneling" and "Conversion" - or even create your own custom mode.

Funneling Call-to-Action Mode

Funneling mode is perfect for creating an uninterrupted customer journey. You can connect one FacePop widget to another with the click of a button, or redirect users to a URL on click. And if you really want to keep them engaged, you can even open a URL in full screen inside the widget as an iframe.

Conversion Call-to-Action Mode

If your goal is to drive conversions, FacePop's conversion call-to-action mode has got you covered. You can add a button that opens up a calendar for booking, or even collect email addresses with just the click of a button. The integrated input field allows for easy data capture and connectivity with other buttons. Plus, there are plenty of customization options to ensure that your call-to-action stands out and drives results.

Other Call-to-Action Modes

Looking for something even more unique? FacePop also offers a custom code call-to-action mode and a close button call-to-action mode. The possibilities are endless.

Advanced Customization Options

When it comes to customization, FacePop lets you take full control. The "Look and Feel" page allows for complete customization of your widget's appearance, from position and shadow settings to player size and controls. Plus, the "Color Studio" and "Font Studio" pages let you adjust colors and fonts to match your brand.

But it's not just about looks - FacePop offers advanced behavior settings, including default widget muting and player position options. And for those with more technical chops, the "Custom Code" page lets you insert custom CSS and JS to run directly inside the widget.

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Not only does FacePop integrate easily with other tools, it also provides an SDK and API for further customization to suit your unique needs. Plus, FacePop widgets can be shared beyond your website through links or QR codes. And with the CNAME feature, you can even personalize your links with your own domain name.

Comprehensive Performance Reports

Data-driven decision making is key to success, which is why FacePop provides comprehensive performance reports. You can easily track total views and watch time, as well as the number of users who clicked on your call-to-action versus those who ignored it.

AI Assistant for Compelling Messages

Crafting compelling messages can be time-consuming and challenging. That's why FacePop includes an AI assistant to help you out. On the "AI Content Writer" page, simply describe your goal and let the AI assist you in crafting a message that's sure to engage your audience.

Collaborative Workspace

For those working in teams, FacePop offers a shared workspace for easy collaboration. And when it comes to billing, FacePop has you covered with its seamless pricing page.

Final Thoughts

In today's world, personalization is key to success. And with FacePop's countless customization options and advanced features, creating a personalized marketing experience has never been easier. So why wait? Give FacePop a try and revolutionize the way you engage and convert customers.

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