Unlocking the Potential of User Targeting for Specific Criteria

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Are you looking for a customizable video widget to enhance customer engagement and interaction on your website? Look no further than FacePop! This exciting tool offers tailored call-to-action modes, seamless funneling, an integrated input field for easy email collection, and an integrated calendar booking feature. Plus, it comes with an AI assistant to help you craft compelling messages and behavior settings to adjust the widget's functionality.

With FacePop, your customers will have an uninterrupted journey through your website, with targeted and optimized engagement and conversion opportunities. And thanks to its extensive customization options, you can tailor the widget to suit your unique needs and preferences. Let's explore the many features and benefits of this exciting tool.

Tailored Call-to-Action Modes

One of the key benefits of FacePop is the ability to create tailored call-to-action modes for your videos. This allows you to optimize engagement and conversion based on your specific goals and objectives. Whether you want to collect email addresses, book appointments, drive traffic to your website, or run custom code, FacePop has you covered.

To create a call-to-action mode, simply choose one of the options from the menu. For example, you can add a button that connects to another FacePop widget, a button that redirects to a URL on click, or a button that opens a URL in full screen inside the widget as an iframe. You can also add conversion call-to-action modes, such as a button to open a calendar for booking or a button to collect email addresses.

Seamless Funneling

Another key feature of FacePop is seamless funneling. With this functionality, you can create an uninterrupted journey for your customers, guiding them towards your desired outcomes. For example, you can create a funnel that starts with a video, moves to a call-to-action to book an appointment, and ends with a confirmation message.

You can also use FacePop to create exciting cross-promotion opportunities. For instance, you may add a button which connects to another FacePop widget which guides customers to another step of the funnel or a different page on your website.

Integrated Input Field for Easy Email Collection

Collecting email addresses is central to many online marketing strategies. With FacePop, you can seamlessly collect email addresses through an integrated input field located inside the widget. Once the customer enters the email address, it can be stored and used for further marketing campaigns.

Integrated Calendar Booking Feature

Are you looking for a tool to help you schedule appointments with your customers? With FacePop, you can enable a calendar booking feature that is integrated with popular scheduling tools like Calendly. Once activated, your customers can select a time and date that works for them, and this information is automatically captured and used to book the appointment.

Extensive Customization Options

Every business has unique branding and visual requirements – FacePop understands this and offers an extensive range of customization options. You can tailor the widget's appearance and functionality to suit your specific needs, allowing you to create a widget that is consistent with your branding and messaging.

For instance, you can choose the placement of the widget in the page, specify its size and radius, add shadow effects, and customize various color elements of the widget, as shown in the FacePop Look and Feel Settings page.

User Targeting Based on Specific Criteria

FacePop offers user targeting based on specific criteria, allowing you to customize the widget based on user behavior and demographic factors. For instance, you might choose to show the widget only to users who have visited certain pages on your website, users who have spent more than a specified amount of time on the page, or users who are accessing your website from a specific geographic location.

You can also use FacePop to customize the appearance and behavior of the widget based on user behavior. For example, you might choose to show a video only to users who have spent more than a specified amount of time on the page, or change the size and position of the widget based on how far a user has scrolled down the page.

AI Assistant for Crafting Compelling Messages

Writing compelling messages can take time and effort - but with FacePop, you have an AI assistant at your fingertips to help you out. This AI assistant uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to suggest text and improve the language in your messages.

For instance, you could use the AI content writer page to describe your objectives, and the AI assistant will suggest text and create a FacePop for you, saving you time and effort.

Shared Workspace for Team Collaboration

Are you looking for a tool to collaborate with your team on FacePop projects? With FacePop, you can create a shared workspace where you and your colleagues can collaborate on creating, editing, and managing FacePop widgets.

Comprehensive Performance Reports for Data-Driven Decision Making

One of the key benefits of using FacePop is the comprehensive performance reports. These reports allow you to track the success of your videos and call-to-action modes, enabling you to make data-driven decisions about your marketing campaigns.

You can access the performance reports on the FacePop Widget Reports page, where you will see total views, total watch time, the number of people who clicked on the call-to-action button, the number of people who watched but did not click, and the number of people who ignored the FacePop widget.

Integration with Various Tools

Finally, FacePop supports integration with various tools, making it a versatile and powerful marketing solution. For example, it can be integrated with third-party tools like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Notion, Mailjet, Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, and GetResponse, as shown on the FacePop Email Collection Integrations page.


In conclusion, the FacePop widget offers a powerful and highly customizable marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. With its tailored call-to-action modes, seamless funneling, integrated input field for easy email collection, comprehensive performance reports, and user targeting based on specific criteria, you can create dynamic and engaging marketing campaigns that drive conversion.

Plus, thanks to its customizability, user targeting capabilities, and third-party integration support, you can tailor this exciting tool to suit your unique needs and preferences. So why not give FacePop a try today and unlock the potential of user targeting for specific criteria? Learn more by checking out the related URLs in this article.

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