The Seamless Funneling Advantage of FacePop's Video Widget

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In a digital era where gaining the attention of potential customers and keeping them engaged is critical, video widgets have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to achieve that end. Among these, FacePop offers unique features and capabilities that provide a competitive edge in the market, and one of its most powerful features is its seamless funneling workflow. In this article, we'll explore how FacePop's seamless funneling workflow helps businesses optimize engagement, create an uninterrupted customer journey, and boost conversions.

What is FacePop?

Before diving into the specifics of how FacePop's video widget works, it's essential to understand what FacePop is. FacePop is an interactive video widget that seeks to enhance customer interaction and engagement. It offers businesses different modes of call-to-action prompts tailored to optimize engagement and conversion rates.

FacePop has a vast array of features, including an integrated input field for easy email collection, an integrated calendar booking feature, and extensive customization options. It also has a user-targeting feature based on specific criteria, an AI assistant for composing engaging messages, and a shared workspace for team collaboration. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive performance reports for data-driven decision-making.

FacePop supports integration with various tools, such as links and QR codes, and users can personalize the widget using the CNAME feature. FacePop also supports webhooks for triggering custom actions and provides an SDK and API for further customization to suit unique needs.

Seamless Funneling

FacePop's seamless funneling workflow centers on providing businesses with an uninterrupted customer journey. It does this by minimizing interruptions, providing tailored calls-to-action, and giving businesses a simple but effective way to capture customer data.

Tailored Calls-to-Action

One of the most crucial features of FacePop's seamless funneling is its tailored call-to-action modes. Businesses can use these modes to tailor exactly how they prompt customers to engage with their video widget. FacePop offers three types of call-to-action modes: funneling (optimized for creating an uninterrupted customer journey), conversion (optimal for completing a conversion, such as a sale or a lead), and other (customizable buttons that can run code or trigger other actions).

Within the funneling mode, businesses can provide customers with a button to connect to another FacePop widget, redirect to a URL, or open a URL in full-screen mode inside the widget as an iframe. With conversion mode, businesses have the option to provide customers with a button to open a calendar for booking, collect email addresses, or display a custom text input field for capturing customer data, such as names and phone numbers. With these options, businesses can tailor their call-to-action prompts to maximize engagement and optimize the customer journey.

Input Field for Easy Email Collection

Collecting customer data is crucial for a business's marketing efforts. FacePop's input field is an effortless way to collect customer data, such as email addresses. With this feature, businesses can decide which type of data they want to collect and tailor the call-to-action prompts accordingly.

For example, a business may want to capture the email addresses of those who interact with the widget. Instead of adding another field to their website, they can use the input field provided by FacePop, which inputs the information directly into their CRM system. This feature not only streamlines the process but also ensures that businesses capture accurate data.

Integrated Calendar Booking Feature

Another feature of FacePop's seamless funneling workflow is its integrated calendar booking feature. With this feature, businesses can allow customers to book a meeting or consultation directly from the video widget. The booking process is simple, and customers can see the availability of the business owner in real-time.

The calendar booking feature saves time for both customers and businesses. Instead of customers going back and forth with businesses to find a suitable time, they can book directly through the widget. Additionally, businesses can see in real-time when appointments are scheduled, eliminating the need to manually update calendar entries.

Extensive Customization Options

FacePop's seamless funneling workflow comes with extensive customization options. These options include the ability to customize the widget's font, color, and behavior settings. Businesses can choose the position of the player within their website and add shadow settings, vertical and horizontal margins, and toggle width, height, and radius. They can also adjust the player's width, height, radius, seeker height, controls size, and minimize icon choices.

Along with customization options, FacePop also has an AI content writer page that businesses can use to help them craft engaging messages. This feature eliminates the need for businesses to hire copywriters or spend hours researching and writing engaging messages.


FacePop's seamless funneling workflow offers businesses a straightforward way to create an uninterrupted customer journey that boosts engagement, optimizes conversions and captures vital data. With tailored call-to-action prompts, easy email collection, and an integrated calendar booking feature, businesses can streamline their customer journey while providing customers with a seamless experience. FacePop's extensive customization options, including an AI-assisted content writer, make it easy for businesses to make sure their video widget showcases their brand accurately.

With today's ever-increasing demand for customer engagement, FacePop provides businesses with an invaluable tool for creating a seamless customer journey. Learn more by visiting the FacePop homepage and pricing page or read more on our blog!

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