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In today's highly digital world, online customer engagement is crucial for any business's success. With the rise of video marketing, entrepreneurs and marketers are always looking for innovative ways to increase customer interaction and retention. This is where FacePop comes in! FacePop is a customizable video widget that can help your business with its online strategy.

What is FacePop?

FacePop is a video player widget that enhances customer interaction and engagement with customized call-to-action (CTA) modes, seamless funneling, and an integrated input field for easy email collection. FacePop offers extensive customization options, user targeting based on specific criteria, integrated calendar booking, and an AI assistant for crafting compelling messages.

With FacePop, you can easily create an uninterrupted customer journey, funneling users from one widget to another, collecting their data with a call to action button and providing them the right information at the right time. Additionally, FacePop provides performance reports for data-driven decision-making.

How Does FacePop Work?

With FacePop, you can upload and manage your videos with ease. The dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to add, edit and delete FacePops. You can customize your videos with tailored call-to-action modes designed to optimize engagement and conversion. You can add buttons to connect to another FacePop, redirect to a URL, open a URL in full screen inside the widget as an iframe.

With the conversion call-to-action mode, you can add a button to open a calendar for booking or collect email addresses with an integrated input field. The input field captures user data, and the information is connected with a call to action button to trigger an event.

Additionally, FacePop provides an AI assistant that can help you craft compelling messages. With the behavior settings, you can adjust the widget's functionality, including whether it is muted or unmuted, playing position, and more. The shared workspace feature enables team collaboration, and the comprehensive reports provide data-driven insights.

How is FacePop Customizable?

One of the best things about FacePop is how customizable it is. With FacePop, you can personalize your widget using the CNAME feature and customize the widget's look and feel with FacePop's Color Studio and Font Studio settings. The tool provides you with over 200 font options to select from.

FacePop also gives you the freedom to customize your call-to-action buttons, changing everything from the button text to its height, style, icon, and color. You can also customize your buttons' functionality by redirecting them to a URL, opening a URL in full screen as an iframe, running a custom code on click, and much more.

FacePop also comes with an extensive funneling feature that enables you to create an uninterrupted customer journey, leading users from one widget to another. Funneling is perfect for guiding a user's journey from the very first interaction to a final action or purchase.

How Can FacePop Help Your Business?

There are many ways FacePop can help your business, so let's discuss some scenarios.

Scenario 1

Let's say you're a business coach or consultant. You want to offer a free introductory session to new clients to establish a relationship and showcase the value of your work. With FacePop, you can create a video player widget where customers can book a session with you directly through the widget.

You set up a widget with a calendar call-to-action mode that enables users to select a suitable time slot. Once the user selects a time slot, they need to fill out an integrated input field with their name, phone number, and email address. The information is collected, and an email is sent out automatically as a confirmation. You can personalize the message that appears once the booking is complete.

Scenario 2

Imagine that you run an e-commerce store. You want to create a video player widget to promote a new line of products. With FacePop, you can upload a video showcasing your products. You can then add a call-to-action button that directs users to your product page. The button can have text such as "View Products" or "Shop Now."

Additionally, you can use FacePop's funneling feature to create another widget to offer a discount code once a customer has viewed the product page. To entice users, you can include a message like "Get 20% Off Your First Order When You Sign Up Today." The message can be coupled with an integrated input field for email collection.

Scenario 3

Now, let's say you run a digital marketing agency. You want to provide more information about your services and expertise to potential clients. With FacePop, you can create a video player widget that showcases your portfolio and services.

You can add various call-to-action buttons throughout the video, all leading to different pages on your website. For example, if you showcase your social media marketing skills in the video, the call-to-action button at that timestamp can lead users to your social media marketing page. You can also set up different widgets based on specific criteria like location or industry.

How Can FacePop be Integrated?

FacePop can be integrated with various tools, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and more. You can also share your FacePop widget beyond your website through links or QR codes. By enabling webhooks, you can trigger custom actions, and FacePop provides an SDK and API for further customization.

With FacePop's iframe embed settings, you can quickly and easily insert a HTML code to load the player on your webpage. You can also set conditions for when and how your widget is shown. You can choose to show your widget only on some pages or in certain directories, or via a regex. FacePop also provides condition options like scroll depth, time on page, exit intent, and more.


With so many features and customization options available, it's clear that FacePop can be an excellent addition to your online marketing and customer engagement strategy. Whether you're looking to boost conversions, drive sales, or offer customized sessions to your website visitors, FacePop can help.

By using FacePop, you can create a seamless customer journey, complete with automated email confirmations, funneled widgets, and more. With FacePop's customizable call-to-action modes, you can choose the perfect way to encourage customers to engage with your brand. The AI content writer feature and the extensive behavior settings make the tool an excellent choice for those looking to streamline their online strategy.

If you're still not convinced about what FacePop can do for your business, check out some of the performance reports and analytics to see how differently your customers have engaged with your brand. Get started today, see the difference, and watch your business grow!

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