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As technology continues to evolve, businesses must focus on innovative ways to interact and engage with their customers. One such innovation is FacePop, a customizable video widget designed to enhance customer interaction and engagement.

FacePop is a powerful tool that offers tailored call-to-action modes for optimized engagement and conversion, as well as seamless funneling for creating an uninterrupted customer journey. The integrated input field makes email collection easy, while the integrated calendar booking feature simplifies the process of scheduling appointments.

In this post, we will take a closer look at each of these features and how they can help you step up your marketing game. Let's dive in!

Tailored Call-to-Action Modes

A call-to-action, or CTA, is an essential element in any marketing campaign. A CTA encourages the audience to take a specific action, such as buying a product, signing up for a service, or downloading an e-book. FacePop offers several tailored CTA modes to make it easy to achieve your business goals.

With a simple click, users can add buttons that connect users to another FacePop, redirect users to a URL, or open a URL in full-screen mode inside the widget as an iframe. FacePop also offers a conversion CTA mode that allows businesses to collect email addresses or schedule appointments directly from the widget.

Setting up these modes is easy using the FacePop CTA builder. Users can edit button text, height, style, icon, and colors to create a button that matches their brand's aesthetic. The redirect to URL and open URL in full screen settings let users edit the URL and target window, giving greater control over the user experience.

In the case of the conversion CTA mode, FacePop includes integrations with various email collection tools such as Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Notion, MailJet, Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, to name a few. This makes it easy to collect leads and integrate them into existing workflows.

Seamless Funneling

Oftentimes, businesses have to create several landing pages to take users through a conversion funnel. With FacePop's seamless funneling feature, that process becomes a thing of the past! Using FacePop, you can build multiple video experiences that bridge the gap between your website pages without requiring an additional landing page.

This feature enables businesses to create a customer journey that feels natural and uninterrupted. Users can easily move from one step of the journey to another, with FacePop guiding them every step of the way.

Integrated Input Field for Easy Email Collection

Email collection is an essential component of any marketing campaign. FacePop makes email collection effortless by giving businesses the ability to add an integrated input field. This field appears directly within the widget and allows users to collect email addresses without navigating to an external page. The input field can be customized with settings such as input element ID, requiredness, type, placeholder, style, and color.

Integrated Calendar Booking

For businesses that require scheduled appointments, FacePop offers an integrated calendar booking feature. Users can insert the URL of their third-party calendar, such as Calendly, or link to an event calendar to make the booking process a breeze. When users click the booking button, they are taken to the calendar where they can schedule their appointment without navigating away from the widget.

AI Assistant for Crafting Compelling Messages

While creating call-to-actions and content can be a challenge, FacePop makes things easier with its built-in AI assistant for compelling messaging. This feature uses natural language processing algorithms to create text that is engaging and resonant with the target audience. Users can enter a brief description of their desired goal, and FacePop will generate a video widget that meets their needs.

Comprehensive Customization and Targeting Options

FacePop offers extensive customizability to users. Users can choose from over 200 fonts and customize the look and feel of their widget. Additionally, behavior settings allow users to adjust the widget's functionality, such as whether to mute or unmute audio by default, or to toggle the widget's player position from the center to the toggle.

Furthermore, FacePop offers user targeting based on specific criteria such as device type, location, and language, to name a few. This feature enables businesses to tailor their messaging to specific subsets of their target audience.

Shared Workspace for Team Collaboration

FacePop's shared workspace feature makes teamwork a breeze. Teams can work together to create and manage their video widgets, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. The workspace also allows for collaborative editing and commenting on drafts, making it easy to iterate on ideas and refine them to perfection.

Comprehensive Performance Reports

FacePop includes performance reports to help users make data-driven decisions. The reports provide insights into total views, watch time, and how audiences interact with the widget, whether by clicking the CTA, watching but not clicking, or ignoring it.

Technical Customization with SDK and API

For users with more technical needs, FacePop offers an SDK and API for additional customization. Developers can use the SDK and API to create widgets that perfectly align with their business objectives.

Integration with Various Tools

FacePop can be integrated with a wide range of tools, shared beyond the website through links or QR codes, and personalized using the CNAME feature. Users can also use webhooks to trigger custom actions and access granular data through analytics and usage reports.


FacePop is an excellent tool for businesses that want to improve their customer interaction and engagement. With its tailored call-to-action modes, seamless funneling, and integrated email collection and calendar booking features, FacePop makes it easy to create a customer journey that is natural and uninterrupted. The video widget's AI assistant and broad customizability options ensure that each widget is tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Moreover, FacePop's shared workspace, targeted user criteria, and custom reporting features enable teams to collaborate effectively and make data-driven decisions. The product's integration with various tools, as well as its SDK and API, make it a powerful addition to any business's tech stack.

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