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Have you ever wondered how you can boost customer interaction on your website? How can you enhance customer engagement, drive conversion, and create an uninterrupted journey for your prospects? Say hello to FacePop, a customizable video widget that promises to do just those things.

With tailored call-to-action (CTA) modes, seamless funneling, integrated input fields, and a customizable look-and-feel, FacePop enhances customer interaction, presenting marketers with an opportunity to elevate their website visitors' experience.

Why FacePop?

FacePop offers an array of features designed to deliver an engaging and immersive experience for website visitors. Its tailored CTA modes allow marketers to optimize engagement and conversion, seamlessly funnel prospects into an uninterrupted journey, and capture their details through an integrated input field. In addition, FacePop offers an integrated calendar booking feature, performance reports, and AI-powered assistance for crafting compelling messages.

Extensive Customization Options

One of the key selling points of FacePop is its extensive customization options. FacePop's intuitive interface allows users to design the widget from scratch, upload videos, and tweak every aspect of its appearance.

The layout and position of FacePop on the website can be easily customized for optimal visibility. The tool even allows users to fine-tune the shadow settings, vertical and horizontal margins, width, height, and radius of the widget. The colors and fonts used can also be adjusted with ease, and users have access to over 200 fonts to choose from.

FacePop Look and Feel Settings Page

Optimized Engagement and Conversion

FacePop enables marketers to select from a range of CTA modes, which are designed to increase engagement and drive conversion. These modes include funneling, conversion, and other options. The funneling mode allows users to connect one widget to another seamlessly, building an uninterrupted journey for prospects.

The conversion mode adds buttons to collect emails and open calendars for bookings. The integrated input field allows users to collect visitors' details effortlessly. The "other" mode allows marketers to add custom code to run on click and even to close the FacePop widget.

FacePop CTA Builder Page

Integrated AI Assistance

Another impressive feature of FacePop is its AI-based content writer, designed to help users craft compelling messages. The AI assistant helps marketers to write persuasive and engaging calls to action that resonate with their audience.

FacePop AI Content Writer Page

Collaborative Workspace

Facilitating collaboration on projects, FacePop offers a shared workspace for teams to work together efficiently. The workspace allows team members to access and edit widgets, share feedback, and suggest changes.

FacePop Manager, Edit, Create, and Delete FacePop Widgets Page

Performance Tracking and Reports

FacePop provides marketers with detailed analytics reports to make data-driven decisions. The tool allows tracking of metrics such as total views, total watch time, and the number of people that clicked, watched but didn't click, or ignored the FacePop. The reports show how well the widget is performing overall, enabling users to make strategic changes.

FacePop Widget Reports Page


FacePop seamlessly integrates with various tools such as Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Notion, Mailjet, Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and more. This means that users can easily import visitor data into their favourite marketing or customer data management tools.

FacePop Email Collection Integrations Page

Customization with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

For users with more advanced customization needs, FacePop offers a custom code page that allows them to insert their custom CSS or JavaScript. This feature provides complete creative freedom.

FacePop Custom Code Page

Instant FacePop Embed

FacePop allows for instant embedding and provides users with a variety of options to trigger the pop-up. Users can show FacePop on some pages, directories, or via regex. This allows users to control where and when the pop-up appears. Additionally, FacePop enables criteria such as scroll depth, time spent on page, exit intent, or device type to be set as embed conditions.

FacePop Instant Embed Settings Page

CNAME Support

FacePop lets users customize their domain through CNAME. By using a custom domain, businesses can increase brand recognition and maintain consistency across their web presence. The tool provides users with clear options to add or remove CNAME to their FacePop links.

FacePop Get Link Settings Page

Get Started with FacePop

Revolutionize your website experience with FacePop. Sign up today and start reaping the benefits of enhanced engagement and increased conversion. To learn more about FacePop visit this link.


FacePop is a customizable video widget that provides website owners with the means to boost customer interaction, engagement, and conversion. Its extensive customization options, optimized engagement and conversion features, and integration with multiple tools make it a powerful asset to marketers. Moreover, it's easy to use, and the analytics reports provided allow for data-based decision making. So start taking your website experience to another level using FacePop.

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