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As individuals, we seek to stand out from the crowd. As businesses, we strive to outdo our competition. The world today is highly competitive, with ever-changing trends, innovative technologies and countless options. A dedicated website is no longer enough to draw in customers and keep them engaged. To remain relevant and competitive, brands need to develop new and innovative ways to stand out and draw in their customers. If your goal is to grab your audience's attention and revolutionize your online presence, look no further than FacePop.

FacePop is a customizable video widget designed to enhance customer interaction and engagement, making customer interactions an unforgettable experience. FacePop is packed with features to help companies further their reach, convert users, and track customer interactions. Its tailored call-to-action modes allow for optimized engagement and conversion, while seamless funneling creates an uninterrupted journey for customers. The integrated input field provides an easy email collection feature, while the integrated calendar booking feature enhances the user experience.

With its extensive customization options, intuitive user targeting options, and AI features, FacePop is unlike anything seen in the video widget space before. Whether you're a business looking to generate leads, increase conversions, or improve your online customer engagement game, you can count on FacePop.

Explore the World of FacePop

Upon visiting the FacePop website, you'll be amazed at the variety of options available. The homepage is crisp and clean, with a video widget designed to capture your attention as soon as you arrive. The header menu is easy to navigate, with all relevant links just a click away. A click on the pricing page will give you an overview of the different tiers and how they can fit your needs.

The next helpful feature is the reviews page, which provides insight from other users and how they have utilized FacePop to take their business to new heights. If you're new to FacePop, the signup page is your next stop. It's easy to navigate, with all the necessary information needed to get started. Along with the signup page, there is also a login page for existing users. The dashboard welcome page includes all the features you'll need, from uploading and editing a video widget to creating and editing call-to-action modes.

Create Customized Call-to-Action (CTA) Modes

Creating customized call-to-action modes is an absolute breeze with FacePop. Its CTA builder combines a straightforward interface with user-friendly customization options to create a personalized Call-to-Action (CTA) button. Whether you want to connect to another FacePop widget, redirect your customer to a specific URL, or embed an iframe within your video widget, FacePop has got you covered. It even offers additional call-to-action modes, like running custom code or having users close out the FacePop widget once they’ve finished watching.

Each CTA button can be customized with various settings, from button text and height to icon and color. Editing and customizing a CTA redirect to a URL is just as easy. Simply specify the URL and select the target preference, whether to open this URL in a new or the same window. The CTA open URL in full screen as iframe option adds a new layer of interactivity by displaying the URL within the FacePop widget, offering users an immersive viewing experience, without leaving the page.

Boost Engagement and Conversion with Purposeful Call-to-Action Modes

As a business owner, you understand the importance of generating leads, attracting customers, and improving your conversion rate. FacePop's CTA builder makes lead generation and customer engagement easier than ever before. With the CTA Booking Calendar option, you can create a booking link or connect it to services such as Calendly or Google Calendar, providing your customers with the option to book appointments at their convenience, right within the video widget.

FacePop's email collector CTA mode lets you collect important customer information by providing an input field within the video widget. With its integration options, you can link the input field to services like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, or GetResponse, guaranteeing customers' privacy and ensuring all information is captured in real-time.

AI-Powered Content Writer

The AI writer within FacePop helps create compelling messages for your brand. It's as simple as entering your goal and letting the AI take care of the rest. The AI writer provides you with the option to choose from various templates and styles to convey your message effectively.

Superior Customization Options

The personalized customization options offered by FacePop are unmatched in the video widget space. The "Look and Feel" settings page allows you to adjust the position, shadow settings, margin, width, height, radius, and icons of both the widget and player. The "Color Studio" feature offers amazing color customization options, with suggestions to help you choose between a range of dynamic colors that fit your brand. Meanwhile, the "Font Studio" feature provides an astonishing 200+ fonts to choose from, all of which can be modified to fit font sizes for all text elements.

But the customization power doesn't stop there. The "Behavior Settings" page allows default widget options for muting or unmuting, positioning, and toggle controls. It also provides the ability for custom CSS and JS through the "Custom Code" page, further enhancing the unique connections of your video widget.

Tracking and Analytics

FacePop's reporting and analytics system provides an in-depth overview of how your video widget performs. The "Widget Reports" page lets you track your viewer count, watch time, clicks to CTAs, clicks without CTAs, and ignored views. You can easily calculate your conversion rates and monitor your growth in real-time. It's an invaluable tool that ensures you never miss out on customer engagement opportunities.

Integration and Collaboration

FacePop integrates with multiple services designed to integrate with your existing marketing stack. Services such as Mailjet, Google Sheets, Notion, and Mailchimp are just some of the many integration options available. FacePop also provides a handy "workplace" feature that allows team collaboration, making it easy to build and share ideas with your team.

Ease of Use

FacePop was created to be intuitive and user-friendly, crafted to be accessible for less tech-savvy individuals while still catering to those with more advanced needs. New users can easily navigate the platform and the documentation provided to generate custom video widgets within minutes. The FacePop video widget is also highly compatible, allowing it to integrate into your website with ease.


As technology continues to evolve, video widgets are becoming more and more essential to any business's online presence. FacePop's cutting-edge features, extensive customization options, and superb integration options guarantee a successful online presence and unforgettable customer interactions. By using FacePop, you'll streamline your lead generation, drive engagement, and boost sales. Revolutionize your online presence today with FacePop – your competitively-priced, all-in-one marketing solution!

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