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Widget customization

As modern businesses turn increasingly digital, customer engagement has become a key factor in the success of an enterprise. One notable trend in the realm of customer outreach has been the integration of widgets into a website's design. Widgets refer to self-contained apps or programs that can be embedded on a webpage and offer specialized functions, such as collecting data, displaying content, or facilitating communication.

One particular widget that offers tremendous opportunities for customer engagement is FacePop. FacePop is designed to enhance customer interaction and engagement. It features tailored call-to-action modes for optimized engagement and conversion, seamless funneling for creating an uninterrupted customer journey, and an integrated input field for easy email collection.

Let us take a closer look at how FacePop works and how its behavior settings can help businesses maximize widget effectiveness.

The FacePop Experience

First impressions are vital in engaging customers, and FacePop's homepage ensures that visitors have a clear understanding of its capabilities. FacePop Homepage

The pricing page, FacePop Pricing Page reviews page, FacePop Reviews Page login page, FacePop Login Page and signup page FacePop Signup Page all feature minimalist design, clear wording, and intuitive navigation.

Upon logging in, users are greeted with the dashboard welcome page, FacePop Dashboard Welcome Page which presents three options for creating widgets: "Create from Scratch," "Upload a Video," or "Get a Video with AI." The face-pop manager page, which displays options to edit, create, and delete FacePop widgets, is accessed by selecting "Create from Scratch." FacePop Manager

Tailored Call-to-Action Modes

One of the ways FacePop stands out is by allowing users to customize their call-to-action (CTA) options. The call-to-action builders page, FacePop Call to Action Builder Page enables the user to choose CTAs based on specific criteria such as: "Connect to Another FacePop," "Redirect to URL on Click," "Open URL in Full Screen Inside the Widget as iFrame," "Open Calendar for Booking," "Collect E-Mail Addresses," "Close This FacePop" and "Run Code on Click."

For instance, if a business aims to promote an upcoming event, the "Open Calendar for Booking" option presents the visitor with several available time slots for the event. On choosing one of the options, the booking is scheduled through the user's preferred calendar app. FacePop CTA Calendar Booking Settings

Extensive Customization Options

FacePop also enables comprehensive customization options for users. Once a user chooses "Upload a Video," they can edit the title and description of the widget from the upload a video page. Upload a Video Page

The "Look and Feel Settings" page, FacePop Look and Feel Settings Page allows the user to adjust the position, shadows, margins, width, height, show/hide play icon, show/hide close icon, player width, height, radius, seeker height, controls size, and minimize icon options.

The "Color Studio Settings" page, FacePop Color Studio Settings Page offers a wide color palette and color suggestions to apply to the facepop elements.

The "Font Studio Settings" page, FacePop Font Studio Settings Page allows users to select from over 200 fonts and alter the font size for all text elements.

Behavior Settings

Behavior settings are an important aspect of FacePop as they control the functionality of the widget. These settings influence how the facepop widget behaves and the user's interaction with it.

FacePop enables the default mute/unmute option and player positioning with "Behavior Settings." Behavior Settings By choosing "Centered or At the Toggle," the user selects if the facepop video player should be horizontally or vertically positioned.


FacePop offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors to a website. By allowing easy customization, it offers business owners the chance to tailor their customer engagement to specific needs. And by utilizing behavior settings, the effectiveness of the widgets can be maximized, leading to digitally engaged customers, which is fundamental to a business's success.

Finally, by providing access to a shared workspace, code integration opportunities, and data analytics, FacePop remains a top-of-the-line tool for businesses looking to engage customers online. Visit their website today at FacePop to see what all the fuss is about.

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