Incorporate AI in Your Marketing Strategy: Crafting Compelling Messages

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Are you looking for a way to enhance customer interaction and engagement on your website? Look no further than FacePop, the customizable video widget that is taking the digital marketing world by storm. With tailored call-to-action modes designed for optimized engagement and conversion, seamless funneling, and an integrated email collection field, FacePop brings a dynamic, personalized touch to your customer interactions.

But that's not all. This innovative marketing tool also offers an integrated calendar booking feature, extensive customization options, and user targeting based on specific criteria. And if that's not enough, FacePop even includes an AI assistant to help you craft compelling messages and a shared workspace for team collaboration.

Let's explore the many features and benefits of FacePop in more detail.

Tailored Call-to-Action Modes

FacePop Call to Action Builder Page

Call-to-action (CTA) modes are the heart of FacePop, providing tailored opportunities for customers to engage with your brand. FacePop offers an array of CTA modes designed to optimize engagement and conversion, including:

But customization doesn't stop there! Each CTA mode can be further customized to meet the needs of your brand. Edit button text, height, style, icon, and color with just a few clicks. Redirect to custom URLs and even open URLs in full-screen mode inside the widget as an iframe. Users can even connect their favorite third-party calendars and integrate with popular email collection tools like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and ActiveCampaign.

AI Assistant for Crafting Compelling Messages

AI Content Writer Page

Crafting compelling marketing messages is an art form. But with FacePop's AI assistant, crafting compelling messages just got a whole lot easier. With a single text area to describe your goal, the AI assistant generates a FacePop widget tailored to your needs. The assistant is a language generation model powered by OpenAI, a machine learning platform known for its natural language processing capabilities. The AI assistant takes the guesswork out of marketing and puts the power of AI at your fingertips.

Extensive Customization Options

FacePop Look and Feel Settings Page

Customizability is key when it comes to marketing tools. FacePop provides a wealth of customization options, allowing you to tailor the widget to your specific branding needs. Customize the position of the widget on your page, add or remove shadows, and adjust vertical and horizontal margins. Toggle the widget's width, height, radius, and even show or hide the play and close icons. Customize the player's width, height, radius, seeker height, control size, and even the minimize icon.

But that's not all! The FacePop Color Studio lets users change the colors of all FacePop elements using color input fields—with suggestions! Meanwhile, the Font Studio provides a selection of more than 200 fonts, with customizable sizes for all text elements. With FacePop, the possibilities are endless.

User Targeting Based on Specific Criteria

FacePop Instant Embed Settings Page

Marketers know the importance of targeting users based on specific criteria. FacePop makes user targeting a breeze with its instant embed settings—a feature that allows users to choose when the FacePop widget appears on their website. Users can choose when and where to show the widget based on scroll depth, time on page, exit intent, device type, and even country of origin. Meanwhile, the IFramed Embed option allows you to copy and paste a code to embed in your website and play the video where the code is.

Integration with Various Tools and API Customization

FacePop Custom Code Page

FacePop can be integrated with various tools, including popular email collection platforms, shared beyond the website through links or QR codes, and personalized using the CNAME feature. But that's not all—users can even insert custom CSS and JS to run directly within the widget with just a few clicks!

Comprehensive Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making

FacePop Widget Reports Page

Making data-driven decisions is essential for marketers. That's why FacePop offers comprehensive analytics, allowing users to make informed decisions based on the data. FacePop provides reports on total views, total watch time, amount of people clicking on the CTA, amount of people that watched the video but didn't click the CTA, and even the number of people who ignored the FacePop widget entirely.


FacePop offers an entirely new dimension to digital marketing. With powerful, AI-assisted tools to create compelling messages and seamless, tailored CTAs, FacePop can aid in generating impressive engagement rates for your digital marketing campaigns. The team collaboration capabilities, analytics tracking, and integrations with various tools make for a more comfortable experience for a wide range of businesses. Marketers who use FacePop can better target users based on specific criteria while providing them with a seamless and personalized customer journey.

The benefits of FacePop are enormous, and with the ever-green space of customizable options provided, the tool is sure to become the go-to marketing tool for businesses worldwide. So why wait? Incorporate AI in your marketing strategy today and enjoy the results that come with it.

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