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Published @ 12/06/2023 by

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In today's digital world, brands and businesses are constantly seeking new, creative ways to interact with their customers online. Video marketing has become increasingly popular as a means of delivering compelling content that captivates audiences. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd.

Enter FacePop, a customizable video widget designed to enhance customer interaction and engagement. From tailored call-to-action modes to seamless funneling and an integrated input field for easy email collection, FacePop offers a comprehensive suite of features for creating an uninterrupted customer journey. Plus, with an AI assistant for crafting compelling messages, behavior settings to adjust the widget's functionality, and comprehensive performance reports for data-driven decision-making, FacePop is an all-in-one tool for boosting engagement and conversions.

Let's take a closer look at some of the key features that make FacePop a powerful tool for customer interactions.

Customizable Call-to-Action Modes

One of the standout features of FacePop is its tailored call-to-action modes, which allow businesses to optimize engagement and conversion rates. The widget features three main call-to-action modes: funneling, conversion, and other.

In funneling mode, businesses can create a seamless customer journey by connecting one FacePop widget to another, redirecting to a URL on click, or opening a URL in full screen inside the widget as an iframe. This mode is perfect for guiding customers through a sales funnel, webinar, or other marketing campaign.

Conversion mode, on the other hand, offers two main options: booking and email collection. The booking option allows businesses to link their calendar, calendly, or other third-party calendar service to accept bookings right from the widget. With the email collection mode, businesses can easily capture customer information by adding an input field and linking it to their email marketing platform.

Finally, under "other" mode, businesses can run custom code on click or close the FacePop widget on click.

Extensive Customization Options

In addition to its call-to-action modes, FacePop offers extensive customization options to tailor the widget to a brand's unique needs. The look and feel settings include the position on the page, shadow settings, vertical and horizontal margin, and more. Users can toggle the width, height, radius, and show/hide options for the play and close icons.

The color studio settings page allows users to change all of the widget's elements' colors, and the font studio settings page lets users choose from over 200 font options and change font sizes for all text elements.

User Targeting based on Specific Criteria

Another powerful feature of FacePop is its user targeting capabilities. Businesses can select specific criteria, such as device type or country, to show the widget only to their desired audience, ensuring that their message reaches the right people. Plus, with AI-powered content writing, businesses can create compelling messages that resonate with their target audience.

Comprehensive Performance Reports

One of the keys to successful marketing is data-driven decision-making. With FacePop, businesses can access comprehensive performance reports that provide insights into the widget's usage, including total views, total watch time, and the number of people who clicked through or ignored the FacePop.

Easy Integration with Various Platforms

FacePop can be integrated with various tools, shared beyond the website through links or QR codes, and personalized using the CNAME feature. It also supports webhooks for triggering custom actions and provides an SDK and API for further customization to suit unique needs.


In today's digital landscape, customer interaction and engagement are essential to a business's success. With its tailored call-to-action modes, extensive customization options, and user targeting capabilities, FacePop makes it easy for businesses to deliver engaging video content that resonates with their audiences. Plus, with comprehensive performance reports and easy integration with various platforms, businesses can make data-driven decisions and seamlessly incorporate FacePop into their marketing campaigns.

Are you ready to ignite your customer interactions? Check out FacePop and start creating engaging video content that generates results. Learn more about FacePop here, here, and here.

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