How to Increase Conversions with Tailored Call-to-Action Modes

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Do you want to take your website's interaction and engagement to the next level? Are you looking for a way to increase your conversions and make it easier for customers to connect with you? If yes, then you need to check out FacePop.

FacePop is a customizable video widget that can do wonders for your website's user experience. You can choose from a variety of call-to-action modes that fit your specific needs, create an uninterrupted customer journey, and collect users' emails without any hassle. You can even add a booking feature and enjoy extensive customization options.

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Adding Funneling Call-to-Actions

To optimize engagement and conversion, FacePop has several tailored modes of call-to-actions. One such mode is Funneling. It's a two-step process where the first FacePop widget connects to another FacePop widget or redirects to a URL. It's an effective way of guiding users to a desired action.

Add Funneling Call-to-Action Mode

Adding Conversion Call-to-Actions

Another mode is Conversion mode. This mode involves using a call-to-action to trigger an action that results in a conversion. For example, you could add a booking form or an email collection form. The booking form can connect to different calendar platforms, and the email collection form can be integrated with several email marketing software.

Add Conversion Call-to-Action Mode

Personalizing Your FacePop

FacePop also offers extensive customization options to match your website's branding. You can use the look and feel settings to change the widget's position and style. The color and font studio settings allow you to modify all the widget's elements and specify font sizes. You can even edit the behavior settings to define the default muted state, player position, and add custom CSS and JS to modify the player.

FacePop Look and Feel Settings

FacePop Color Studio Settings

FacePop Font Studio Settings

FacePop Behavior Settings

AI Content Writer

If you want to make sure your messages are compelling, you can use FacePop's AI content writer. Just provide a goal, and it'll generate the content for you.

AI Content Writer

Collaborating with Your Team

FacePop provides a collaborative workspace where you can connect with your team members. It's a great way to get their feedback and help in crafting the perfect FacePop widget.

FacePop Collaborative Workspace

Using Custom Domains

You can also customize your FacePop link by adding a CNAME, which allows you to use your domain to share FacePop links. Additionally, you can generate a QR code that can be scanned by users who want to open the widget without embedding it.

FacePop Get Link Settings

FacePop QR Code Settings

Using Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to trigger custom actions on specific events, such as when a user watches a FacePop video. You can use this functionality to connect third-party applications or automate manual tasks.

FacePop Webhook Settings

FacePop Analytics

To help you make data-driven decisions, FacePop generates detailed performance reports. You can see how many people viewed your widget, how long they watched it, and how many of them clicked one of your call-to-action modes.

FacePop Widget Reports


FacePop is an impressive widget that can help you increase your conversions by providing an interactive experience for your website's visitors. Whether you want to use it for bookings, email collection, or any other call-to-action, FacePop is a great tool to add to your website. With its extensive customization options, AI content writing, and collaborative team workspace, FacePop is bound to take your online presence to the next level.

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