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Customer Engagement

Are you looking for a way to level up your customer interactions and engagement? Look no further than FacePop. This customizable video widget is designed to boost user engagement and enhance your customer journey.

With tailored call-to-action modes, seamless funneling, and an integrated input field for email collection, FacePop is the ultimate conversion tool. But it doesn't stop there. FacePop also offers an integrated calendar booking function, AI-powered message crafting, user targeting based on specific criteria, and extensive customization options.

Let's take a closer look at the features that make FacePop stand out.

Tailored Call-to-Action Modes

FacePop offers several call-to-action (CTA) modes that you can choose from based on your business objectives. These include funneling CTAs, conversion CTAs, and other custom options.

To add a funneling CTA, simply click the "Add funneling" button and choose from different options for redirecting users to another FacePop widget or to open a URL in a full-screen iframe within the widget.

The conversion CTA feature includes options like a button to open a calendar for booking or a form to collect email addresses. The input field is conveniently integrated into the widget for easy email collection.

Other CTA modes include options to run custom code or to close the FacePop widget when clicked. You can easily edit button text, style, height, and icon, as well as configure colors to match your branding.

Seamless Funneling

FacePop's funneling feature allows you to create an uninterrupted customer journey by connecting one FacePop widget to another. For example, if a user clicks on a button in one FacePop widget, they can seamlessly move to another widget without ever leaving the website.

This feature is particularly useful for guiding users through a sales funnel or to highlight different services or products. With FacePop's seamless funneling options, you can create a user experience that flows logically and intuitively from one step to the next.

Integrated Calendar Booking

FacePop's integrated calendar booking feature makes scheduling appointments with customers a breeze. By simply adding your calendar URL from a third-party provider like Calendly, users can book appointments with you directly within the widget.

You can also customize the booking button text and target users based on specific criteria, like location or device type.

AI-Powered Message Crafting

Not sure how to write the perfect message for your widget? FacePop has you covered with its AI assistant for crafting compelling messages.

Simply input your goal, and the AI assistant will generate text for you based on the tone and voice you prefer. It's like having your very own copywriter on hand.

User Targeting

FacePop's targeting feature allows you to determine precisely which users see your widget based on specific criteria. This can include device type, location, or time of day.

Additionally, you can add behavior settings to adjust the widget's functionality, such as muting the default audio or choosing the player position.

Extensive Customization Options

FacePop offers extensive customization options to ensure your widget is perfectly aligned with your brand. Choose from over 200 fonts, adjust font sizes, customize colors, shadow settings, toggle player options, and more.

With FacePop's customization options, you can ensure that your widget fits seamlessly into your website's design and messaging.

Share and Personalize

FacePop allows you to share your widget beyond your website through links or QR codes. You can personalize each link using the CNAME feature, which specifies a custom domain name for your widget links.

Additionally, you can use webhooks for triggering custom actions and access the SDK and API for further customization to suit your unique needs.

Comprehensive Performance Reports

Finally, FacePop provides comprehensive performance reports so you can make data-driven decisions. This data includes total views, total watch time, and information about how users interact with your widget.

You'll know how many users clicked CTAs, how many watched but didn't click, and how many ignored the widget. With this information, you can optimize your widget's functionality to better meet your business objectives.


FacePop offers a comprehensive suite of features that make it a must-have tool for enhancing customer engagement. With its tailored Call-to-Action modes, seamless funneling, integrated calendar booking feature, AI-powered message crafting, user targeting, customization options, share and personalize features, and comprehensive performance reports, FacePop is the ultimate video widget for engaging your target audience.

By leveraging FacePop's power, you can take your customer engagement to the next level and create a more satisfying customer journey. Learn more about the art of user targeting by checking out our related blog post.

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