Enhancing Team Collaboration with Shared Workspaces

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Product Features and Benefits

As remote work becomes more prevalent, the need for seamless team collaboration across distances grows. That's why FacePop, a customizable video widget, is stepping up to fill this crucial gap in team productivity.

With FacePop's robust set of features, teams can enjoy an integrated experience that drives engagement, conversion, and data-driven decision-making. Let's take a closer look at just how FacePop enhances team collaboration with shared workspaces.

The Power of Shared Workspaces

One of the most significant obstacles facing remote teams is the lack of a collaborative workspace. In-person teams can gather in conference rooms, share whiteboards, and easily toss ideas back and forth. But remote teams? Not so much.

This is where FacePop comes in. FacePop offers a shared workspace for team members to collaborate on widget creation, video editing, and call-to-action creation. This shared workspace streamlines team communication by allowing members to work together in real-time on their projects.

FacePop Dashboard Welcome Page

The dashboard is where the magic happens. Team members can gather together here, sharing ideas, inspiration, and project deliverables, all in one place. There's no need to worry about tracking down files or sending attachments back and forth - everything is organized and accessible, accessible whenever or wherever the team members need it.

Here, team members can easily view and manage FacePop widgets, edit them, and create new ones. The interface is incredibly intuitive, straightforward, and well-organized, making it easy for team members to work together without any barriers to their creativity.

Comprehensive Performance Reports

When it comes to team collaboration, data-driven decision-making is critical. After all, every team member wants to know whether their efforts are making a real impact. FacePop provides a comprehensive report on the performance of a FacePop video widget.

FacePop Widget Reports Page

This report includes data on total views, total watch time, and click-through rates for the various calls-to-action within the widget. This information makes it easy to see which calls to action are working well and which need some attention to improve their performance.

With this information, team members can adjust their efforts and find ways to optimize the team's productivity and effectiveness.

Customizable Calls-to-Action

Another essential element of team collaboration is the ability to create seamless customer journeys that drive engagement and conversion. With FacePop's customizable call-to-action modes, teams can create an uninterrupted customer experience that moves potential customers seamlessly through the sales funnel.

Teams can tailor the calls-to-action to the specific needs of their audience with options like connect-to-another-FacePop, redirect-to-URL-on-click, open-URL-in-full-screen, run-code-on-click, and close-FacePop-widget-on-click.

FacePop Call to Action Builder Page

Teams can use other call-to-action modes like book-a-calendar, collect-email-address, text-input-field, and custom-code to personalize the experience further. These options give teams the flexibility to create video widgets that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of their audience.

Friendly AI Assistance

Even the most skilled teams need a little help now and then. That's why FacePop comes with an AI-powered content writer that can help create compelling messages.

AI Content Writer Page

The AI-assistant is outstanding as it provides a platform for crafting and curating delightful, personalized call-to-actions and messaging. It understands client needs, creates messages that engage clients, and compels them to take action.

Extensive Customization Options

One of the most significant advantages of using FacePop is its level of customization. Team members can tailor every aspect of the video widget, from the look-and-feel to the color palette and font. They can even choose their use case and tailor FacePop's functionality to their specific needs.

FacePop Look and Feel Settings Page

The look-and-feel settings give users control over the position, shadow settings, vertical and horizontal margins, and toggles for width, height, radius, show or hide play icon, or close the icon. The player itself can be customized, changing the width, height, radius, seeker height, controls' size, and options for minimize icon choices.

The color studio options enable customization of all colors for FacePop elements, with color input fields and color suggestions that are carefully curated to match the brand's colors or the desired color scheme.

There are over 200 font options, where users can change the font for the entire FacePop widget and change fonts' sizes for all text elements.

Integrated Calendar Booking Feature

For service-oriented businesses, FacePop also has an integrated calendar booking feature that is incredibly convenient to use. Service providers can effortlessly integrate with their preferred calendars, such as Google Calendar or Calendly, for streamlined booking.

FacePop CTA Calendar Booking Settings

Users can insert the calendar URL or the URL of a third-party calendar that provides a booking URL. FacePop also has an extensive list of email collection integrations, making it straightforward to get started with email marketing efforts.

User Targeting Based on Specific Criteria

Finally, FacePop also offers user targeting based on specific criteria, which can help teams find their ideal audience quickly. Team members can create a video widget that is crafted for visitors based on their location, device, or other relevant criteria.

FacePop Behavior Settings Page

The behavior settings allow teams to adjust the functionality of their widget, allowing it to be muted or unmuted by default, adjust the player's position, and toggle between different call-to-action modes.


With shared workspaces, performance reports, customizable calls-to-action, and friendly AI Assistance, FacePop delivers a comprehensive set of features designed to make team collaboration as seamless as possible.

FacePop's extensive customization options allow teams to tailor their video widget to their specific use case. Besides, its integrated calendar booking feature and user targeting based on specific criteria help streamline the sales funnel and drive engagement and conversion. In conclusion, FacePop is an exceptional tool ideal for seamless collaborative remote work.

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