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In today's digital age, customer engagement is crucial for businesses to thrive, and FacePop is here to revolutionize the way brands interact with their customers. Imagine having a widget on your website that not only grabs people's attention but also converts them into loyal customers. That's precisely what FacePop does, and we'll dive deep into its features in this blog post.

Introducing FacePop

FacePop is a customizable video widget designed to enhance customer interaction and engagement. With extensive customization options, FacePop lets you tailor the appearance of your widget to match your branding. You can choose from various call-to-action (CTA) modes to optimize user engagement and conversion.

The FacePop dashboard is designed for even the non-tech savvy people. Upon logging in, you're greeted with a welcome page FacePop Dashboard Welcome Page 6.png that showcases all the essential tools on a single screen. Furthermore, you can upload your video and edit its title and description Edit video settings page 7.png using FacePop. Additionally, you can manage, edit, create, and delete FacePop widgets with ease from the manager page Edit widget settings page 8.png.

Customizable CTAs

One of the most significant features of FacePop is its ability to create tailored CTAs for your brand. In the "add CTA" menu Add CTA menu 9.png, you can choose between various CTA modes like funneling, conversion, and more. You can also target specific demographics and personalize your widget.

Funneling CTA Mode

In the funneling CTA mode Funneling Call to action page 10.png, you can create a button that redirects users to another Facepop widget, or you can choose to open a URL in a full-screen iframe within the widget. This mode is perfect for marketing campaigns that require a seamless customer journey.

Conversion CTA Mode

The conversion CTA mode Conversion Call to action page 11.png lets you add a button that either lets users book a calendar slot directly from within the widget or collects emails. The widget has an integrated input field for easy email collection. This mode is perfect for generating leads or scheduling appointments.

Other CTA Modes

In addition to the two main CTA modes, FacePop offers a "run code" button that executes code on click and an "exit widget" button that closes the widget upon clicking. You can customize the look and feel of each CTA button according to your brand image Button settings 13.png.

Customization Options

As mentioned earlier, FacePop is highly customizable to match your brand's image. The look and feel settings page Look and feel settings 21.png lets you adjust the widget's position on the page, shadow settings, width, and height, among others. You can also toggle options like width, height, radius, and show/hide icons.

The color studio Color studio settings 22.png lets you change every element of the widget's color, with suggested matching color palettes for your ease. Finally, the font studio Font studio settings 23.png allows you to change the font of the widget from a selection of 200+ fonts.

Behavior Settings

FacePop's behavior settings are designed to give you more control over the widget's experience. For example, you can choose to mute or unmute the default widget sound. Additionally, you can choose to center the widget on the screen or have it toggle on and off as needed. This feature is perfect for users who want seamless user experiences.

AI Assistant

One of FacePop's most exciting features is its AI content writer AI content writer page 20.png. The AI assistant helps you create compelling messages that resonate with your target audience. It's a perfect tool for marketers who want to create effective content effortlessly.


Facepop also has webhook support. You can create various webhooks, such as watching the FacePop widget, finished watching a FacePop widget, customer conversion, email collection, and FacePop widget closure. The webhook log page Webhook logs 46.png provides you with a comprehensive report on all the webhooks that have fired for a particular FacePop.


FacePop smoothly integrates with various platforms. It supports webhooks, an SDK, and an API for customization according to your business needs. You can share your widget beyond your website, such as using links or QR codes, and personalize it using the CNAME feature. FacePop also integrates effortlessly with various platforms like Mailchimp, GSheet, and Canva.


In conclusion, Facepop is the perfect tool for brands that want to enhance their user engagement and interaction. Its extensive customization options, various CTA modes, and behavior settings give businesses the flexibility they need. Additionally, the AI assistant, webhooks, and integration options make FacePop a complete solution for your customer engagement needs.

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